About MyWishes
MyWishes’ goal is to ensure that everyone documents what they would like to happen to their physical estate, their digital estate, the care they may require in the future, and the care of any dependents they may have (children, pets etc).

We will help you; write your last will & testament, leave goodbye messages to be released after your death, make plans for your future health care, safeguard your digital legacy, publish your bucket list and document your funeral wishes.
About Our Service
MyWishes provides a range of online tools that generate both legally and non-legally binding forms. Once completed, documents can be downloaded, printed, emailed and shared with loved ones, healthcare professionals and funeral directors.

MyWishes is free and both intuitive and easy to use. We have created a range of video tutorials to further help our community understand how to complete each specific task.
About Our Vision
In the past it has been very hard to think about and make plans for our possessions, our estate, our digital estate and our future care. This can be put down to three main reasons:

Thinking about death can be scary.
There is often confusion over how and when we should get our affairs in order.
Making suitable plans is not an enjoyable task to carry out.

MyWishes has changed this. We simplify the planning process, remove the financial burden and make planning both clear and simple. Our mission is to ensure that everyone documents what they want to happen with their physical estate, digital estate and future health.
About Our Glass Box Thinking
MyWishes is a glass box organisation. This means that we are open, transparent and honest about what we do, how we support our users, how we are funded our strengths and our weaknesses.

We provide thought leadership to a range of charities, organisations and the general public around the importance of ensuring that people's wishes are documented and adhered to. You can stay up to date with what we are doing on our blog and by engaging with us and our story on our social media channels.
About Our Campaigning
Our team have raised awareness about the importance of planning for death by speaking at conferences across the globe. These range from the European Association of Palliative Care Conference (Madrid), The Next Web Conference (Amsterdam), The Digital Legacy Conference (New York), Hospice UK Conference (Liverpool) and Click Summit (Lisbon) to name but a few. We provide thought leadership across mainstream TV channels, radio stations, newspapers, online articles and scientific journals.
Photo of James Norris (founder) speaking at Click Summit 2018, Lisbon Portugal.
About Our Beginnings
In 2013 we launched a service called DeadSocial. This was the first service that enabled people across the globe to think about and make plans for their online lives. This also helped kick start conversations around planning for and safeguarding our digital estate across the globe.
DeadSocial featured on BBC Click
DeadSocial featured on the Queen Latifah show.
After launching DeadSocial we found ourselves supporting the general public, patients, hospices, solicitors and funeral directors. The feedback, insights and direction received led to DeadSocial evolving into MyWishes in early 2019.
About you...
MyWishes is all about you! We will empower you to document your wishes and safeguard the things in life that are important to you.

MyWishes goal is to create a mico-movement, a mico-movement around you and your wishes. Through education, technological innovation and empowerment we will help you to document and share your wishes with those you trust.