Advance care plan software
Making plans for your future care and deciding who would speak on your behalf if you were unable to do so is called advance care planning. This is a set of wishes that can be referred to should something happen to you and you did not have the mental or physical capacity to make decisions for yourself.

It takes between 5-10 minutes to document your future care wishes within an advance care plan. Carrying out this task now might help ensure that your health and social care wishes are adhered to.
Sharing your advance care plan
Sharing your advance care plan is easy. It can be emailed directly to your friends, family members, your doctor and anyone who might be involved in providing you with care now or at some point in the future.
Printing your advance care plan and keeping a paper copy in your home might also ensure that your wishes are readily accessible should they be needed.


MyWishes sharing features makes downloading, printing and sharing your advance care plan easy. You might want to download your advance care plan and email it to a selected number of friends and family members. You may also choose to print the document and keep a physical copy in your home.