My Bucket list
A bucket list is an outline of goals, experiences and tasks that someone would like to achieve before they die. Creating a bucket list can help focus the mind prioritise the time we have.
When someone prioritises their mind and energy into achieving items on their bucket list they are more likely to achieve them.

If your MyWishes account is set to ‘public’ you will be able to share your bucket list and the individual items within it onto your public MyWishes page. Your goals and achievements can also be shared directly to your social media accounts from the MyWishes platform.
Which items and goals will you put on your bucket list?

Sharing your goals onto your own social media accounts might evoke discussion and help ensure that you achieve your goals within the timeframes you have set.

Create your bucket list for free and share your goals and achievements on MyWishes. It takes a couple of minutes to register and create your own bucket list. Your bucket list can be updated whenever you achieve your goals.