Register a Death

We are sorry for your loss and will do our best to support you when administering the account entrusted to you.

If someone has provided you with a MyWishes code you will be able to administrate their account. The code will start with the text 'MyWishes' and then be followed by a unique code. This code is assigned to both the account entrusted with you and your own email address.

What will happen

By entering the unique MyWishes code and your email address into the box below you will administer the account entrusted with you. This will not provide you with any legal documentation. All documents created using MyWishes are printed or shared out of the platform. If you need to find a Last Will & Testament, Advance Care Plan, Online Account log (often referred to as a social media will) or the person's funeral wishes we recommend that you look for the physical copy and digital copies if emailed to third parties.

When an account in administered by a 'Trusted Contact' a 'Goodbye message' will be sent out to their MyWishes account immediately. Any scheduled messages will then be sent out on the dates specified in the future. Any messages scheduled for a date prior to the date that the account is administered are backlogged and distributed once a week until the backlog is clear. Any messages scheduled for dates after the date is administered will be distributed as specified.

Each MyWishes user has their own public page and their own, vanity URL assigned to it. If the user however sets their MyWishes account to 'private' or deletes their messages created their messages will not be distributed on their vanity URL. If a Trusted Executor did not confirm that they will administrate the user's account, any messages created will not be distributed by MyWishes as prior instructions were not provided.

If you received an email as an assigned 'Trusted Contact' you will also have the vanity URL of the account on the email. This page is where messages created will be published. Once messages are published you can share the messages by sharing the vanity URL on social media to ensure that the message is read, watched or viewed by as many of the account holder's friends and family members.

Once messages have been administered and messages are distributed this action cannot be undone.

If you have been allocated a MyWishes code you can confirm a death below. This will administer a Goodbye Message (if one has been created) and enable any scheduled messages to be sent out on the dates specified. This action will not activate a funeral message (also known as an obitory message) if one was created. Instructions about how to administer a funeral message will be available from an email sent to the instructed person if a message was created. Once a death has been confirmed this action cannot be undone.

We hope that any goodbye messages left bring both joy and comfort.

*If you require further support please contact us by emailing from the email address assigned to the administrator. In the email please please also include the MyWishes code associated with the account.