Digital legacy software
A ‘digital legacy’ is what remains of someone digitally after they die. A digital legacy might include their social media accounts and online photos and videos of the deceased. MyWishes empowers our users to make plans for their online accounts and to create ‘goodbye’ messages’ for their loved ones.
“You can generate social media content after you die. That's one way to live forever using social media” - Jon Richardson
Leaving a goodbye message
Our goodbye messaging tool lets you create, upload and send out goodbye messages after your death. This acts like a modern day Victorian memory box

Messages can be assigned to specific dates and times in the future. In order for messages to be published you will need to assign a trusted contact. The trusted contact is unable to view, edit or alter your messages. They are however able to administrate your messages by entering a unique code that is paired with their email address. Once the messages have been administered your ‘Goodbye Message’ will be published immediately. Any scheduled messages assigned for the future are published on the dates they have been assigned to.


Messages that were assigned to dates that take place before your Trusted Contact confirms your death are backlogged. Messages held in the backlog are sent out once per week from the time your trusted contact confirms your death. This ensures that all of your messages are sent out following your death and none remain hidden or unaccessible.
Digital Legacy Planning
Our free to use software will help you make plans for your digital legacy. If you would like to leave messages for your loved one you will either need to type your message or record a video. Messages can be typed directly into MyWishes and saved. Most computers, laptops, tablets and phones now allow you to record videos using the in built camera and microphones.

Once your video has been saved upload it to MyWishes and save the message. You might also want to make further plans for your digital legacy and your digital estate using some of our other features. These include documenting preferences for your online accounts in a social media will. It might also include documenting the wishes you have for digital assets of a monetary value in a last will and testament.

MyWishes featured on the Queen Latifah Show
MyWishes are helping society to change the ways in which we think about and plan for death. We also want to support you and those you care about.