Funeral planning software
MyWishes makes planning your funeral quick and easy. Our free and simple to use software will assist you with this task. Once completed download your funeral wishes and share it with someone you trust

Your downloaded document will be saved on the device you are using in a PDF format. PDFs are accessible on most computers, laptops, tablets and mobile phones. You may want to print a copy of your funeral wishes and keep the hard copy with your other important documentation. You might also want to email copies of the document to someone you trust and provide a copy to one or more funeral directors in order to receive a quote.
Your funeral wishes are more likely to be adhered to if people know what your wishes are. Documenting your funeral wishes is an altruistic thing to do in anticipation of your death. Sharing your funeral wishes might help to reduce the financial costs associated with your death and take away the burden of decision making away from those you care about.
Your funeral playlist
Your funeral playlist is a list of songs, readings or poems that you would like to be read, played or performed at your funeral.
MyWishes lets you curate your own funeral playlist and publish it on to your public MyWishes profile.


If you decide to share your playlist the social media sharing features integrated into MyWishes will push your playlist onto your feed evoking discussion with your friends and family.


We recently asked a number of celebrities which one song they would want to be featured on their funeral playlist. This is what they told us....
Carl Cox (DJ)
Stevie Wonder, Superstition

Stik (Street Artist)
Johann Sebastian Bach, Albinoni: Suite No.3 in D

Hellena Hauff (Producer & DJ)
The Doors, The End

Write, record and publish your own obituary
It is becoming increasingly commonplace for written and recorded messages by the deceased to be read or played at their funeral. We saw this trend and decided to build a tool to help society write or record their own obituary should they wish to do so.


Once the message has been created it is saved and can be seen in the activity feed on the right hand side of the page. To complete the process you will need to entrust one or more people with the responsibility of releasing the message after your death. This is carried out quickly and securely once your message has been completed.


The person entrusted with publishing your message can do so at anypoint after your death in accordance with your wishes.
Whatever your funeral wishes are, it is important that you document and share them. You can update and change your wishes whenever your circumstances change