How MyWishes Works
MyWishes makes planning for our physical and digital estate quick and easy. We will empower you to make the best decisions for you, your future care and those you care about.
Our application is clear and simple to use. Once you register with MyWishes our video tutorials will guide you through each of the features.
Last Will & Testament
MyWishes will empower you to draft your Last Will & Testament for free. Once completed, your Last Will & Testament can be downloaded, printed and signed. This will make the document a legally binding.
If you have a more complex Last Will & Testament, it can be sent to any fully qualified solicitor for review completion. Drafting your own Last Will & Testament using MyWishes and sending it to a solicitor will significantly reduce the time and therefore the costs charged by any appointed solicitor. Learn more
Goodbye Messaging Platform
Our flagship Goodbye Messaging Platform enables society to create messages that are only sent out after death. If you decide to leave one or more messages you will be able to say “goodbye” to your friends and family should something happen to you. This is ultimately a "Victorian Memory Box", for today’s connected world. Learn more

Digital Will
“People should leave clear instructions about what should happen to their social media, computer games and other online accounts after their death”- The Law Society
Our Digital Will service will help you to create a log of all your online accounts. You may use social networks, bank online, own purchased media and own an array of other accounts that contain assets of a monetary and sentimental value.

Once you have completed your Digital Will download, print, sign and share it with the people you trust. Learn more
Funeral Wishes
If you avoid thinking about and death you will not avoid the certainty of death. If you do not document your own funeral wishes someone else (often a family member or a loved one) might make decisions based on what they think you would have wanted.
MyWishes makes it easy for you to leave directions as to what kind of ceremony you would like. You may also want to state which songs you would like to have played and even leave a message to be read or broadcast at your funeral. Learn more
Advance Care Planning
The word ‘advance care planning’ refers to the documenting and sharing of your future health and social care preferences. You can update your Advance Care Plan at any time over the course of your life. Areas that you may want to address include whether or not you would like to be an organ donor, if you have any allergies and what would be important to you if you received care at the end of your life.
Once completed your Advance Care Plan can be downloaded and shared directly with your friends, family, GP and other healthcare professionals. Learn more
Bucket List
A Bucket List is a list of things that someone would like to do before they die. A Bucket List may have a variety of items on it ranging from ‘going to the seaside with my family’ to ‘crowd surfing’.
You can make each item on your Bucket List ‘private’ or list them as ‘public’. If you make the items on your Bucket List public you will be able to share your completed goals across your social media channels. Learn more
Make Your Wishes Known
Whatever your wishes are it is important that you document what they are. Once documented you should share them with those you consider relevant for each area. Once shared you can get on with the big, important task… enjoying life!