Privacy Policy
(Last Updated November 2019)
MyWishes take the issue of privacy, data ownership and security very seriously.
You own the data that you upload to MyWishes. Once logged into MyWishes you are able to edit and alter your data at anytime. Data can be deleted from specific sections on MyWishes. Furthermore all of your data can be permanently deleted by visiting the ‘My Profile’ section on MyWishes. If you delete your account it will be removed from our servers and cannot be retrieved. After a period of no longer than 3 months your data and all backups of your data held by us will be deleted.
If you have subscribed to a MyWishes mailing list, liked or followed us on a social media site you will need to unsubscribe, unlike or unfollow on each if you would like communication from each to cease.
How We Process Your Data
MyWishes enables society to make plans for themselves and those they care about. By using the platform we hope that each user’s wishes are adhered to. The information entered is sometimes used to create documents (for example a Last WIll & Testament and/or an Advance Care Plan (Advance Directives). MyWishes turns the data entered into documents. Without entering data MyWishes cannot assist users when making plans for themselves and those they care about. Once completed, documents can then be shared with friends, family and relevant professionals who may be assisting the user (for example a loved one, a nurse etc). MyWishes do not have any control over how the documents are shared once they leave our platform. It is each person’s responsibility to keep their wishes up to date and for them to share their documents with those they trust.
We use ‘cookies’ to improve our campaigning, marketing and track how MyWishes users engage with us to help ensure that the best possible service can be delivered. To read our Cookie Privacy Policy click here.
Public and Private Account
Every MyWishes user is provided with their own, unique URL. This is sometimes referred to as a vanity URL. A number of features on MyWishes enables users to share information on their own URL / public page if they wish to do so. Any information shared on their public page, on social media and the wider web should be non-sensitive.
MyWishes users can make their vanity URLpublic or private. When an account is set to public content that the user has made ‘public’ will be shown. If however the account is set to ‘private’ any content shared publicly will not appear.

Users vanity URLs are set to ‘public’ by default. These can be changed at anytime and once changed the preferences are updated immediately. By changing the default setting to ‘private’ features and functions including the ability to publish goodbye messages after death are disabled. If a user changes their account settings to ‘private’ any messages created and planned to be sent after their death will not be sent. An example of how a MyWishes account appears when it is set to ‘Private’ can be viewed below

The image above was captured on the 3rd October 2019
MyWishes will not make a MyWishes profile public at the request of a friend or family member following a user’s death. MyWishes users are responsible for their own privacy and sharing settings. When a user sets their public account to ‘private’ we understand this action as the user wanting any public pages and any public content previously created to become ‘private’. Changing accounts to ‘private’ does not stop the user from downloading and sharing documents created using MyWishes. It will however restrict some of MyWishes sharing features as described above. A tutorial highlighting how to make the public MyWishes profile ‘private’ can be viewed here.
Sharing Data On Social Networks, Messaging Services and other third party platform.
Every third party platform (social media platforms, instant messaging platforms etc) have their own terms of service. If you decide to share items or information from MyWishes onto a third party service it will be stored and managed under their own terms of service and privacy policy.
Subscribing to the MyWishes Newsletter or requesting early access.
If you subscribe to the MyWishes newsletter or requested early access you agree to receive email communications from us. You can unsubscribe from receiving communications from us by clicking on ‘unsubscribe’ on any email sent by us. This will stop newsletters from being sent.
How Others Process Your Data
  • Professionals
  • Each professional who you share a copy of your data with should have their own code of practise and ways to process both confidential and non-confidential data. They will process your data in accordance with the tasks, legal frameworks and the legal duristicion in which they are based. The company that they work for should also have a public privacy policy accessible to the general public.

  • Your Trusted Contacts
  • MyWishes enables users to assign ‘Trusted Contacts’. If someone accepts a user’s request to become a Trusted Contact they agree to carry out an administrative task following the user’s death. Those entrusted to be a Trusted Contact are informed via an email sent by the user from the MyWishes platform. Assigning a Trusted Contact takes place within the the ‘Goodbye Messages’ section. Trusted Contacts are unable to view, edit or delete any Goodbye or Scheduled messages created by the person who assigned them as their Trusted Contact.

    Confirmed Trusted Contacts who agree to administrate messages on the user’s behalf following their death. The Trusted Contact is under no legal obligation to administer the message and activate the message send process. Those assigned as Trusted Contacts have the ability and final decision as to whether or not goodbye messages and scheduled messages created are published.
    • A Trusted Contact should not be confused with assigning someone as an ‘executor’ within a last will and testament.
    • A Trusted Contact should not be confused with assigning someone with the ‘power of attorney’. A Power of attorney may be granted for someone’s estate for making decisions about their mental wellbeing should they lose capacity to do so. (This is sometimes referred to as a healthcare proxy).

    MyWishes will not administrate the message send process if one or more Trusted Contacts fail to do so. It is therefore very important that those assigned as Trusted Contact(s) understand what is being asked of them. It is also important that a second or third Trusted Contact is assigned should the first Trusted Contact fail to undertake the task due to illness, death or any other reason.

    Once you have created a Goodbye Message you will be able to view the status of Trusted Contact assigned to your message(s) in the My Profile section. Once assigned the status will display ‘Pending’ by default.

    MyWishes will not grant permission to the Trusted Contact to administer your account until they confirm that they have accepted the email request sent to them.

    Only once an assigned Trusted Contact agrees to be an executor will their status box change from the colour red to green. Once changed the text will also change from ‘Pending’ to ‘Confirmed’.
Deleting a Trusted Contact
If a Trusted Contact is deleted from an account they will no longer able to carry out administrative tasks within MyWishes. This does not anyway affect their ability to carry out administrative tasks requested outside of the MyWishes platform. They may for example still be able to carry out tasks relating to a user’s Last Will & Testament, Funeral Wishes, Advance Care Plan (also known as Advance Directives) and their Digital Will.
If a user wants to remove one or more of Trusted Contact(s) the user will need to delete the Goodbye Message created and paired with the Executor.

At this point the Goodbye message will also be deleted as it is paired with the chosen Trusted Contact(s).
If a MyWishes user would like to assign a new executor and still wants to use content from the original Goodbye Message they should copy and paste the text inserted in the message. If the user does not have a copy of the video or image uploaded they will can backup the video and reupload it when creating a new message / assigning a new Trusted Contact.
Video backup:
  • Move the cursor over the media.
  • Click on the three dots (as shown below).
  • Click on the ‘Download’ button.

Once downloaded the media can then be re-uploaded to the new Goodbye Message and whilst assigning a new Trusted Contact.
*Some devices (for example mobile phones, tablets and SMART watches) may not allow media to be uploaded and downloaded locally. To find out more please refer to the guidebook of the device that you are using. MyWishes cannot provide technical support regarding the capabilities of third party devices.
Photo backup
If you want to delete a scheduled message and save the photo locally simply right click on the image and save it to a suitable folder on your device.

  • Third Party Organisations
  • MyWishes and the social media channels we use may contain links to third party websites and affiliates. Each external website, social media, blog or organisation linked to will have their own ways in which they engage with visitors and process their requests and data. We are unable to accept the responsibility of how each external party processes data. If you have any concerns about a third party website please contact them directly. If you feel that we should not be associated or link to a third party website for whatever reason please contact us to voice your concern.

  • Third Party Organisations (not linked from or affiliated with MyWishes)
  • There are a number of companies that ‘scrape’ the internet for public data. Once this has been collected and collated it is stored and used for various purposes.This may include marketing, recruitment, obtain sentiment on specific subject matters etc. MyWishes is not responsible for data that our users make public and is then obtained by third party scrapping services. It is important that each person understands that public information about them on any website, blog or social media site is not safeguarded against such organisations.

  • Sharing documents with Friends and Family
  • How documents are shared with friends, family and loved ones should be determined by each person. It is important that documents about our end of life preferences can be accessed when they are needed. It is important for those making plans inform the relevant people (including any friends or family members) where their documents are stored. Each MyWishes user is responsible for sharing their wishes and any documents printed and shared from MyWishes. To learn more about keeping your documents in a safe place click here.
Holding onto Your Data
MyWishes stores data entered by our users. Storing data allows our users to access and update their Wishes at any point during the course of their lives. Once updated the changes are saved and their new document(s) can be printed and shared accordingly.
Users who create and leave messages for publication after their death are able to do so in the hope that that their messages will be administered by their ‘Trusted Contact’ (or person assigned to undertake this task). Once administered the messages are published following their death. In order to provide this service MyWishes hold the user’s messages indefinitely. If we were to remove this information following a user’s death the content would not be accessible (messages are uploaded to and saved on our servers).
We hope that MyWishes will last for more than 100 years. We will make every effort for messages in the future to be distributed and remain accessible. This however cannot currently be guaranteed due to the nature of the internet and other factors yet unknown.
If MyWishes can no longer continue we will contact all MyWishes users and ask them to download all of their data (using the ‘Download a complete archive’ button in theMy Profile section).

This feature can be found in the ‘My Profile’ section when logged into MyWishes.
If the user has already died the assigned ‘Trusted Contact(s)’ will be contacted by email and informed that they should download the media already published should they want to keep it. The Trusted Contact will also have the option of receiving all of the media and text created by the person that has not been published. This will ensure that messages and media are not lost.
Data security
By using MyWishes you authorise us to process and hold onto your data. We have implemented a range of measures and adopted a series of protocols to help keep your data secure and safe. To learn more about our data securityclick here.
Notification emails
By signing up to use MyWishes users agree to receive occasional emails from MyWishes. It is important that we are able to send out emails to users and trusted contacts in order for us to provide support and guidance when they or we feel it is necessary. An example of when we will need to send you an email is during the registration process to validate your email credentials with us.
Anonymised data
Anonymised data means that aggregated datasets do not relate to the individual who submitted them.
MyWishes may use anonymised data for our own insights and marketing. An example of an anonymised data set might be “56% of MyWishes users are female, 40% are male and 2% did not respond to the question”.
We use non-sensitive anonymised data to internally and externally for training and public engagement purposes. The data used does not contain any names, addresses or information that could be traced back to a specific individual.
Updates to this privacy policy
Each time there is an update to MyWishes privacy policy changes will be documented on this page each. Further information about MyWishes can be found in the Cookie Policy,Terms of Service and Security page.
If you have any questions or suggestions please feel free to contact us.