Social media will
“People should leave clear instructions about what should happen to their social media, computer games and other online accounts after their death – The Law Society on England and Wales
“If you have social media profiles set up online, you should create a statement of how you would like your online identity to be handled. Just like a traditional will helps your survivors handle your physical belongings, a social media will spells out how you want your online identity to be handled”. - Department of State (USA)
Social media will
A social media will (sometimes called a digital will) is a document outlining what you would like to happen to your online accounts following your death. Your social media will might include a log of your social media, email, media storage, shopping, gaming, betting, online banking, cryptocurrency and other financial accounts

Quickly select all of the services that you have accounts for and state what you would like to happen to each. If the account you own is not listed you can manually enter the name and your wishes for the account.


Once you have added all of your online accounts to your social media will click on the ‘download’ button and email it to at least one person. You may also want to print the document and keep a copy of it with your Last WIll & Testament.