Terms of Service
Your account
Welcome to My Wishes. We hope that you and your loved ones find value in our service. Please read our terms of service carefully. In order for us to provide you with our service certain terms need to be highlighted. Furthermore by using MyWishes and through the terms of service you legally agree to comply to the terms stated.

You agree that you are over the age of 18. If you are under the age of 18 access must occur with the legal parent or guardian.

My Wishes accounts are password protected. You are responsible for keeping your password safe. When documents are printed from MyWishes it will be your responsibility to ensure that they are stored in a safe place and accessible to the desired person(s) after your death. MyWishes does offer provide a service where we share the user’s documentation to their loved one’s following their death. My Wishes attempts to empower each user to take control of their digital and physical estate. You own the content saved and uploaded to your account however My Wishes provide a number of tools that enable uploaded text and media to be shared publicly and on social media when actioned by the user. When this happens the ownership of the content may alter. To learn more about this please review your local laws around the internet and content ownership. Social media sites where content is shared to will also have its own terms of service. This may again affect your rights or those of your beneficiaries. You are able to download a data dump of your data from My Wishes using the download my data button. You are also able to download any images and videos uploaded to My Wishes by right clicking on the item and clicking on the ‘download’ button that appears.

If you decide to delete the account please be aware that all the information held by My Wishes will be deleted instantly. We will not be able to undo an account that has been deleted. If you do delete your account you will still be able to use any documents that you previously created. If you do delete your account any messages that are published will no longer be viewable. If messages are not published they will be deleted and therefore not published as previously planned.
Type of material shared
You agree to comply to local laws. Copyrighted images for example should not be uploaded and shared. You understand that if you upload messages (videos, text and/or images) they will be emotive when published. Furthermore you agree that that you create and upload will not be intentionally upsetting. If complaints are made to MyWishes about the nature of messages shared you grant MyWishes permission to review all messages and material created. If we feel that content published publically or content due to be published publicly could be upsetting we reserve the right to delete and remove both the material and the account.
You agree to provide MyWishes with accurate information and that we are allowed to store and process this information. You are able to delete you data at anytime. You acknowledge that if this data is deleted we will not be able to provide you with a copy. You understand that when you assign a trusted contact / digital executor to Goodbye messages they will have control over when your messages are dispatched. It their responsibility to ensure that messages are dispatched in accordance with your wishes. It is your responsibility to ensure that messages and content uploaded is not racist, homophobic or harmful in anyway to those reading, viewing or watching it.
By using My Wishes you agree that MyWishes may use your data in an aggregated way. Topline aggregated metrics such as number of users, amount of money pledged to charitable causes etc are obtained. Such data can be used by MyWishes for marketing purposes.
You understand that when you share data either through email, social media, once saved on a device or physically once printed.
Making changes to the terms of service
We reserve the right to alter and change the terms of service. We do not, for example currently track users cookies and do not serve adverts. If however we find that advertisement is required to ensure the sustainability of MyWishes this may change. We are committed in providing the best planning service for general public. We are committed to ensuring that this should be free and will work tirelessly to ensure that this happens.
Changes to the terms and service will be highlighted to our users through email. It is your responsibility to ensure that the email assigned to you account remains up to date in order to view and agree to any updated terms.

My Wishes is not a licensed healthcare provider, legal practice or funeral director. The services provided enable the general public to be empowered and document their wishes. It is the responsibility of each person to make sure that they wishes they may are correct and adhere to local laws and the terms of service for each bank, social media site and other third party services. We are able to provide some legal, funeral and health support through our support tickets. We are not however able to provide detailed, ongoing over the phone or email support when a will is being drafted.
We hope that you enjoy using My Wishes and that our service helps to ensure that your wishes are adhered to.