Will writing software
MyWishes will writing software is simple to use. Answer the questions asked using our unique and interactive Last Will & Testament template. Once completed download the document (as a PDF) and either share it with one of our partner solicitor firms or share the document with your own solicitor.


If you do decide to share your document with one of the fully qualified and insured MyWishes solicitors they will review your document and call you for a private consultation using Skype, Google hangouts or over the phone.


Once reviewed, the solicitor will email your completed Last Will & Testament to you. To make the documentation legally binding you will need to sign the document in front of two witnesses who are not beneficiaries of your estate. Your two chosen witnesses will need to countersign your the Last Will & Testament to make it legally binding.
Why you should use a solicitor
Solicitors are fully trained, qualified, regulated and insured. The quality of the advice, documentation and support provided is therefore of a very high standard. Using a solicitor may help reduce the stress for those left behind whilst proving you and your loved ones with greater peace of mind.
Other online will writing software do not work with qualified solicitors. Instead documents created are either not checked or they are reviewed by an unqualified and uninsured “legal expert”. These services are not regulated, the service provided is not insured and there is no formal or accredited training needed to become a ‘legal expert’.
MyWishes provides a hybrid service that reduces the time needed by a solicitor. This saves our user’s money whilst providing them with a premium service.
How we compare...

Online Wills

  • Basic Will
  • Funeral Planning


( £10+ per year admin fee)
  • Basic Will (£150+)
  • Complex Will (£250+)
  • Solicitor Consultation
  • Regulated Service
  • Fully Insured

£150+ / £250+

(unfixed pricing)

If you write your Last Will & Testament using MyWishes and share it with a solicitor it will save them time. The time saved by solicitors is reflected in the fixed prices we are able to offer.
Can I draft my Last Will & Testament using MyWishes and use a different solicitor?
Yes you can. Once your Last Will and Testament has been written and downloaded the document can either be emailed or printed and presented to your local solicitor.


The time you spend writing your Last Will & Testament on MyWishes will allow you to receive quotes from external solicitors. The price charged by a third party solicitor should be reduced due to the minimal amount of time they will need to spend with you.
Assigning gifts and sharing the love on social media
MyWishes is the only Last Will & Testament software that enables the sharing non-sensitive information directly onto the social web.
Users are able to assign a gift to a friend and family member in their Last Will & Testament and then push this information onto their friend or family members Facebook timeline.


This is a playful way to allocate a gift and show someone that you care for them.
Choosing a will that is right for you and your loved ones...

Not checked by a solicitor
Checked by a solicitor, video consultation and documentation completion
Basic will - Straightforward will without the need for complex estate planning; appoints executors and guardians, deals with simple legacies and distribute estate. No trust structures incorporated into the will.
Complex will – Complex will may require tax planning building on the above service incorporating trusts (discretionary, or otherwise), address complex relationships, dealing with simple business and/ or agricultural assets.
*The prices shown above include VAT. In some circumstances it might be recommended that a separate Last Will & Testament is written in the country where foreign property and assets are located. Such services fall outside of UK legal jurisdiction and are not included in costs stated. Highlighly complex business needs and significant trust planning might not be included within the fees outlined.