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Write your last will & testament for free
MyWishes will writing software is free and simple to use. Writing a will ensures that the people who are important to you and the possessions of value are looked after and safeguarded. Our innovative, will writing software will provide you with a legally binding document within 15 minutes.

1. Write your Will


Create an account and login. A video tutorial will help guide you through the will writing process.
2. Print your document


Print your last will & testament at home or in your place of work.
3. Sign & share


Sign your last will & testament in front of two witnesses to make your document legally binding.

Writing your will at home
All adults should have a last will and testament. This is true regardless of whether you own your own home, have a car or keep money saved in the bank.


Quite often sentimental items are the items that are seen as ‘high value’ by loved ones. Making plans for both sentimental items and those that have a high monetary value is important. If you have any dependencies such as a child, another person who depends on you or a pet, it is important that suitable plans are put in place for each.
Assigning gifts and sharing the love on social media
MyWishes is the only Last Will & Testament software that enables the sharing of non-sensitive information directly onto your friends' social media profiles. Our users are able to assign a gift to a friend and family member in their ‘Letter of Wishes’ document. Once saved, items can be published onto a friend's Facebook timeline or shared on Twitter.


This is a playful way to show someone that you are both thinking about them and that you have assigned them a gift.
How we compare...

Online Wills

  • Basic Will (£100 - £150)
  • Funeral Planning (Subscription required)

£100 - £150

(+Ongoing monthly or yearly costs)
  • Basic Will (£150+)
  • Complex Will (£250+)
  • *Regulated Service

£150+ / £250+

(unfixed pricing)

If you require a more complex Last Will & Testament, we recommend drafting your document on MyWishes and emailing it to any third party solicitor for a quotation. The information provided will save them time and should therefore, reduce the costs charged.
Why do you provide this service for free?
MyWishes is a ‘technology for good’ service. We believe that every adult in the UK should have a legally binding, last will and testament. By making this service free, more people are writing their last will and testament and more people are having their wishes adhered to.
Our dynamic will writing platform is similar to will writing platforms used by solicitors. Instead of solicitors asking questions and inserting the information, our users read the questions and insert their answers into our platform. By removing the middle-person we are able to make the service free.
Don’t I need to use a solicitor?
No you do not.

If you have a ‘complex will’ you might want to consider using a solicitor to review and finalise your Last Will & Testament. This can take place through a traditional, face to face consultation or remotely using Zoom, Google Meet or WhatsApp video. To learn more about this area from Gary Rycroft, MyWishes legal advisor click here.
Other will writing platforms

Other will writing platforms charge their users before generating the Last Will & Testament document. These platforms provide a similar service to MyWishes (but they are not as innovative, transparent or free). These services do not use qualified solicitors. Instead the documents created are either not checked or they are reviewed by someone who is unqualified and uninsured. *Watch out for people calling themselves ‘will experts’, ‘will writers’, ‘legal experts’ etc. No formal or accredited training is needed for any of the job titles listed above and they are not regulated.


Just like other will writing platforms, MyWishes is not regulated (by the Solicitors Regulation Authority). You are therefore liable for any mistakes made within your Last Will & Testament document. If you would like an insured document, simply email the Last Will & Testament created on MyWishes to any qualified solicitor practising within England and Wales and ask for a quotation to review the document.
When you should send your Will to a solicitor
Solicitors are fully trained, qualified, regulated and insured. The quality of the advice, documentation and support provided is therefore of a very high standard. 


If you have any doubts about your estate, have children from a previous partner, have property abroad or an ongoing family dispute we recommend that you send the Last Will & Testament created on MyWishes to a solicitor for review before signing it.

Legacy Giving
MyWishes supports the incredible work charities are providing across the UK.

Those wanting to pledge a donation are able to include their favourite charity when writing their Last Will & Testament. Donations pledged are tax free and the donation will not be made until after the person's death.

We further support the charity sector by running innovative campaigns and speaking at a range of different events. If you would like to learn more get in touch.
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